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Company Profile

Dawn Polymer is a national high-tech enterprise engaged in research, development, production, sales and service of high-performance thermoplastic elastomer, modified plastic, master batch and other products.

It is the first to achieve “dynamic full vulcanization of thermoplastic elastomer” industrialization in domestic market, breaking the international monopoly, Dawn Polymer becomes China’s elastomer industry leader, is also the most complete varieties of high-performance thermoplastic elastomer material manufacturer in domestic market. Products include TPV, TPO, TPE-S, TPSIV, NBR/PP TPV, TPU, TPIIR, HNBR and modified PP, ABS/PC, PA series, melt-blown, master batch and other varieties, widely used in automotive, home appliances, electronic and electrical, rail transportation, aerospace, medical and health care, constructional engineering and other fields, sales network all over the world.

Dawn Polymer is headquartered in Yantai, Shandong, the company has a diversification and high standard R&D platform, with over 100 people of professional R&D team, including 2 Taishan scholars, 1 person of the National Ten Thousand People Plan, 1 person of Young and middle-aged leaders in scientific and technological innovation of the Ministry of Science and Technology. After nearly 20 years of accumulation and sustainable development, the scale continues expanding. Dawn Polymer established a JV company with KPIC in Shanghai-KPIC Dawn Polymer (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., holding Qingdao Runxing Plastic New Material Co., Ltd., and established Shandong Dawn Special Elastomer Material Co., Ltd.

Dawn Polymer is committed to the development of national industry, keeping in mind the historical mission of "China creates, creates the future", and continuously enhance the ability of scientific and technological innovation, create value, social returns.